Brazil Blend (Espresso)

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Tastes like Chocolate, Hazelnut, Caramel


Fazenda Sao Jose

Red Catuaí



Mantiqueira Mountains

Yellow Bourbon

Pulped Natural

Fazenda Sao Jose

We have been working with Marcos Antonio de Freitas from Fazenda Sao Jose since 2020. Their Red Catuaí forms the core component of our blends. 

The farm covers 225ha of coffee trees. Marcos is the second generation that runs the family farm. He has a degree in agronomics and oversees the farm management and cultivation. Marcos is very dedicated to sustainable growth. He uses organic fertilizer (a blend between sugar cane bagasse and animal manure) and powers much of the farm with solar panels. 

Marcos has consistently supplied us with a stable quality. A very round cup with a sirup-y body and notes of chocolate, hazelnut, brown sugar and citrus. The perfect baseline coffee for a round, comforting espresso.

Mantiqueira Mountains

The second component in our Duke blend is a regional lot called Mantiqueira Mountains. It's a classic cup with low acidity, deep chocolate  and hazelnut notes as well as some soft stone fruits. It's a high quality, elementary crowd pleaser. It adds deeper chocolate notes to the blend and decreases the acidity and fruitiness compared to Duchess.

Recipe for double espresso

Short : In 18G / Out 40G / Time 28 Sec

Water : Use medium soft water (100ppm) at 93° C

Steps :

  1. Use a scale to measure your dose and yield (= brewed liquid). Use soft water (100-150ppm).
  2. Grind 18g of coffee at a fine espresso setting.
  3. Distribute the coffee evenly in your portafilter and tamp level.
  4. Lock in the portafilter, gentle but firm. Don't crack the coffee bed.
  5. Start the machine. Measure 40g of brewed liquid in your cup in 28 seconds.
  6. If the coffee runs too fast, grind finer. If the coffee runs too slow, grind coarser. Make small adjustments only. Discard the first shot after every change of grind size.