Brazil - Fazenda Cachoeira, Red Catuaí, Natural (Espresso)

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Tastes like Dark Chocolate, Pear, Brown sugar, Grapefruit


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Cerrado Mineiro


1075 masl


Fazenda Cachoeira


Red Catuaí



Fazenda Cachoeira

This lot comes from Cerrado Mineiro in Brazil and was produced by Draiton Moreira. His journey initiated in 1995 with just two hectares. Now his Fazenda Cachoeira covers 30 hectares. Draiton manages his farm with great care, paying close attention to each step from fertilization to post-harvest processing.

Natural Red Catuaí

This Lot of Red Catuai is characterised by rich chocolate notes, with a full body and a velvety texture. The harvest is carried out at peak maturity, ensuring ripe fruit for processing. Coffee cherries are patio dried after harvest, turning the cherries several times a day to ensure even drying throughout each lot.

Recipe double espresso

Short : In 18G / Out 38G / Time 32 Sec

Water : Use medium soft water (100-150ppm) at 93° C

Steps :

  1. Use a scale to measure your dose and yield (= brewed liquid). 
  2. Grind 18g of coffee at a fine espresso setting.
  3. Distribute the coffee evenly in your portafilter and tamp level.
  4. Lock in the portafilter, gentle but firm. Don't crack the coffee bed.
  5. Start the machine. Measure 38g of brewed liquid in your cup in 32 seconds.
  6. If the coffee runs too fast, grind finer. If the coffee runs too slow, grind coarser. Make small adjustments only. Discard the first shot after every change of grind size.