Finca La Palmera, Washed Sugarcane Decaf - Colombia (Omni)

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Tastes like Dark Chocolate, Dried Apricot, Brown Sugar






1900 masl


Finca La Palmera


Castillo, Colombia


Natural, Sugarcane Decaf

Finca La Palmera

Finca La Palmera is part of of three farms owned by Ignacio Rodriguez. He started small with an inherited plot from his father but has expanded and established his operations under the name Embrujo. When we visited Ignacio in 2023, we were impressed by his holistic approach to farm management and his focus on sustainability in every aspect of his business. The farm produces a lot of high end experimental lots, as well as this excellent sugarcane decaf.

Sugarcane Decaf

Sugarcane decaffeination relies on ethyl acetate, an organic compound derived from the fermentation of sugarcane. It’s preferable to traditional Swiss Water Decaf (SWD) for taste, economic sustainability and ecological footprint. Ethyl acetate does a much better job at separating caffeine molecules without affecting the 1000+ aromatic compounds present in green coffee beans. As sugarcane is abundantly available in Colombia, the decaffeination is done locally, leaving more economic value at origin. As a result there’s no need to ship the coffee to SWD factories in Canada, saving a polluting shipment. 

Recipe double espresso

Short : In 19G / Out 40G / Time 26 Sec

Water : Use medium soft water (100-150ppm) at 93° C

Steps :

  1. Use a scale to measure your dose and yield (= brewed liquid). 
  2. Grind 19g of coffee at a fine espresso setting.
  3. Distribute the coffee evenly in your portafilter and tamp level.
  4. Lock in the portafilter, gentle but firm. Don't crack the coffee bed.
  5. Start the machine. Measure 40g of brewed liquid in your cup in 26 seconds.
  6. If the coffee runs too fast, grind finer. If the coffee runs too slow, grind coarser. Make small adjustments only. Discard the first shot after every change of grind size.