Wide Awake is a contemporary roastery based in Brussels. We are intensely focused on exceptional coffee, sourced sustainably, roasted consistently, brewed expertly. 


We keep a wide range, running from house espressos to filter to competition lots. All our coffees are released on 11 series, referenced after pop culture icons we love. Each series has a distinct flavor profile, from big & bold to wild & funk. This guarantees a mixed offering in taste and origin while offering guidance to our longtime customers. We developed a matching graphic identity per series with color palettes that are updated with every new microlot release.

Our coffees are the result of excellent terroir and generations worth of experience and knowledge at origin. Over the years we built close ties with trusted producers whose coffees we have come to love. Every year we pre order their crops at prices that reflect the quality of their work. This provides stability for the producer and access to great coffees for us. We complement these fixed releases with coffees from new producers, ensuring a mix of reliable values and upcoming talent.

Our roast profiles aim for clean, expressive flavors that highlight the coffee’s inherent aromatic potential. Our coffees are used in busy cafés around the world so consistency is key. We have strict quality control processes that track every roast on key parameters. Batches are tested through color metering and standardized cupping.

We’re a team of geeky coffee professionals with a love for hospitality. We help new and existing cafés provide the highest coffee experiences through a training program that we perfected over the years. We also provide our café customers with the necessary gear and equipment at favorable industry rates.

At our Brussels café we aim to set industry standards for cup quality and hospitality. Staffed by our veteran baristas, we offer our full coffee line up as well as some frozen all time favorites.